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Weeee! I've done most of my Christmas shopping. Just need to get something else for Mummy and something else for Louise. Then I'm done! ..I think. Hahah.

Went into Leeds yesterday and got harrassed by about 5 Hare Krishnas which was incredibly annoying. Then I nearly fell asleep on the train home. Laura's given me some sleeping pills she got in America to try. Ahah.

Got told off by Neil yesterday for not going to Psychology lessons or doing my crousework. I just REALLY can't be arsed. It's so tedious. Anyway, I was a bit upset because I'm one of his FAVOURITE students and stupid Babz and Jane have been bitching about me. But it's ok, we're friends again now, I made a geeky sociology joke about NRMS (hahahah) and he likes me again. I alo threatened to give him late fines on videos if he dared tell me off again. I love how teachers love me.

Anyways, I'm supposed to be doing English AND Psychology coursework tonight but it doesn't look likely.

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Just got back from Kate's Virgin Vie party. It was fab!
I got a make over and a face massage and all sorts.
BUT I spent money on ME instead of presents. Whoops.

And Jess is gonna ask if I'd be allowed to be a Virgin Vie lady with my pink hair!
I'd loooooooooove to be a Virgin Vie lady!
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Pan's Labyrinth was fab!
Super enjoyed it. Even though I was DESPERATE for a wee the WHOLE way through.

Got my hair done today. It's pinkier than before, she mixed a bit of purple in with it too. Pretty good. We've also decided that I'm growing it, which is always painful, but I reckon it'll look pretty good when I'm done :)

Only one lesson tommorow. YESSSSS!

Got 11/12 in a practice sociology mini-essay. Neil told me he's a bit upset I never ask to borrow books anymore. Aww. So he's recommended some Orwell which is relevent to our studies, which I'm going to ask my Dad if I can borrow.

Lauren drove us to McDonalds for 'brunch' this morning. Well classy.

Saw Chris again on my way to Louise's. He's so sweet. I'm trying to help him find a job... Well, I'm keeping my eyes open anyway. Because if he doesn't get one soon he won't be able to pay this week's rent. He told me off for looking at him like he's pathetic... But I didn't mean to! It was just sympathy.

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING SATURDAY. What on earth do I get Dale?!

Everything's pretty good at the moment. It's nice.
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Saw Dale on Saturday.
It was lovely.
He tied me up but I had to get him to untie me because my hands were turning purple and I thought they were going to drop off. Ahaha.
Got looooaaads of cuddles and we watched Planet Earth. Then he had curry so I couldn't kiss him goodbye properly because his breath was GROSS!

Worked over 11 hours yesterday and was lying on the floor behind the kiosk by 10.15.
Ate loads so I'm going to have to NOT EAT for the rest of the week (yeah right).

Off to see Pan's Labyrinth tommorow with Anah.
Getting my hair done on Thursday.
Christmas shopping on Saturday.
Shopping (and hopefully Yo! Sushi) with Daddy the following tuesday.
Virgin Vie party Wednesday.

Fab fab fab.
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Well, it's been a while since I updated. Not much has realy happened to my recollection.
It was wierd seeing Dale again, he's changed, but it was nice, nd I didn't even cry!
I'm seeing him again this weekend (I think!), but he said he doesn't want me to stay over because he's worried he'll miss me like he did in the beginning and not be able to get any work done becase he's always thinking of me. Aww. Sweet, but I could do with having someone to sleep next to again. Ah well.

In other news, I've decided what to do with my gap year:
+ Work for a company who pays people to go get donations for various charities (heal the world AND get payed for it!)
+ Find some shitty boring job for 6 months (ish) to raise pennies.
+ Go to China for a month (hopefully with Anah) to work for an English-written magazine/newspaper. Maybe stay in China for a bit.

* Try and get enough money on top of that to go rescue penguins in South africa and hopefully not get raped/killed.

I SO hope I can get the money to do both. But flights to South Africa can be up to 1,000.
Ahaha, my Dad's just called me and said he'll sort me out for money. But my Dad's a liar so I doubt it'll happen. Either way, there's a chance. And at least I know I'll be able to earn enough money for China, if nothing else, which (as much as I want to help the penguins) is probably the most sensible option.


Parents evening but my Mum's not going because she knows it doesn't matter what she says to me I'll never change.


Aww, I'm all excited now. But I can't let myself get too excited about South Africa, because I know I'll probably be let down in the end.
(And I'm not convinced my Dad had actually thought it out when he promised to help)

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This week didn't start out too well. Not because anything bad happened, but because I've been really hormonal/stressed/tired recently and Monday was one of the worst days I've had in a while. Work sucked, and to top it all off Dale texted me saying he might not have time to see me this weekend, which I wasn't too impressed about. Don't worry though, sounds like he's found somewhere to fit me in, so, unless that falls through, it should all be good.

Yesterday I slept till 1pm, which was refreshing. Then I went with Anah to get her tattoo, but the machine broke! So she was pretty pissed off. We sat in Cafe Nero for a while whichwas nice. She keeps telling me she loves me but I can't say it back. We're not LEZBOS or anything, ahaha, I'm just an emotional cripple sometimes. And saying things like that makes me feel vulnerable. But I honestly don't know what I'd do without that girl.

ANYWAYS, we went to the Dock to meet the boys, but it was shit and there wasn't anywhere to sit so we went to the Angel. I like it there. We has a grand time. It was really really nice. And we even sat outside!

I felt quite rough this morning however. It didn't help that I didn't get to sleep till about 5am (think I slept a bit too much yesterday).

Today we went back so Anah could get her tattoo. HOWEVER, the machine is still broken, so she's not very happy. BUT I did get the Audrey Hepburn box set.

Got a shoot with Nael on Tuesday. I need someone to come over and make sure I'm safe though! Eek.
I know someone who's done a shoot with him before though, so he probably isn't a psycho :)
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Last night was Lauren's party. It was awesome.
I didn't take many pictures because, well.. I forgot. Plus there was a professional photographer there.. But here are the ones I got, I'll put the ones from the photographer up when he puts them on his website.

Pictures!Collapse )

The photographer loved me! Ahaha, I think he was just trying to get ome pics for his portfolio for free.. While he was getting payed, but I liked the attention so it was ok :)
I also met a really cool guy who worked with Chris for GHD (they all got made redundent!) who said I was really aggressive with my body language! How rude! but we talked about Oscar Wilde and stuff so it was ok. Plus Anah spent a while telling me how much she loved me and stuff, so that was nice.

Good night, good night!

Shame I could barely breathe in my dress, got used to it after a while though :)
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Aww, I feel well crap! My pictures didn't come in time to make my scrap book page for Lauren's birthday :(
It's not actually her birthday till tommorow but we did presents tonight and I REALLY wanted mine to be in!! Hopefully the pictures'll come tommorow so I can do it then.. I'm skiving school 'cause I haven't even started my psychology coursework. WHOOPS! Did the same with English today too... Slipping back into old habits.

Ordered the rest of Dale's birthday present yesterday, pretty organised on that front.

Looking forward to Lauren's SO much tommorow. I just hope I don't explode out of my dress when I sit down, ahaha.

I need cuddles.
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I'm well annoyed I'm home from Amsterdam.
Had SUCH an amazing time, I hope I can go back for a bit over summer or something.
And see my friend again! I fucking loved him. He worked at the hotel and told me stories. I'm not sure if I started irritating after a while, but he seemed amused at the way I sat on the edge of my seat in anticipation while I was waiting for him to think of one. It's a shame he was so old and scruffy, otherwise I might have married him. Saying that he was probably only in his mid to late 20's, but he looked older, so usual age restrictions wouldn't really apply. Fucking loved him though. Seriously. He was sooooo funny, and even though he wasn't an academic kinda guy, he was wise just from living a tough life. Loved him. I'm going back to Hotel Brian even if it's just to see him.
And I miss the hookers by our hotel, even though the ones by us were quite saggy, mostly.
And I miss having a joint as soon as I wake up every morning.
And I miss my afternoon naps.
And I miss falling asleep listening to Katie and Gina's conversations.
I miss nearly falling down the steps everytime I went downstairs.
I miss nearly being run over by cyclists or trams.
I miss those pancakes.
I miss Gina physically having to DRAG my out of her bed when I was tripping and scared of Anah. I don't miss spending all that night thinking I was going to die though. That wasn't too fun.
I miss the woman with the firm boobies and really soft skin.
I miss the woman who wrote me a postcard with her cunt.
I miss the woman who shot a dildo out of her and Anah trying to catch it.

I wanna go back!!

Pictures coming soon.

But now... ESSAY (Yaaay!).

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